ATMOPC produces world unique hi-tech eco Computers

Italian ATMO Series has three models, ATMO WALE, MANA and KOA, whose Hawaiian names mean ATMO imagination, Power and Courage

ATMO, instead of living in the dust under your desk, would like to be part of your creative process. Put it on your desk and it will immediately relax your eyes with its beautiful wooden case, its elegant plant and zen stones as a complement

ATMO setting allows to use low amount of resources. These factors, combined with low power consumption components, make the difference! If it's not enough, we will plant a tree every 5 ATMO sold.We want a GREEN planet and not a GREY one!

  • eyes nourishment

  • mind nourishment

  • you will save money

  • laser engraved logo

ATMOPC produce and combine HiTech Ecosustainable Computers with Raw Materials like wood, plants and stones. Made in Italy with no compromises.

Corporate Values of ATMOPC are already synthesizable with „Reduce, Reuse and Recycle“ and connect our lives as human being to our natural environment is now important more than ever.

Our business objective is simple, we would like to provide unique and natural style eco-friendly computers to companies and individuals. This will help our ecosystem in two main ways:

- We will reduct carbon dioxide emissions.

- Deforestation caused by commercial purposes use of every forests.

ATMOPC wants and can improve our Environment.


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