ATMOPC in Germany

We’re extremely excited to announce that yesterday we signed a distribution agreement with Mr. Alexander Schecklein, who will represent our brand in Germany.

Mr. Schecklein is an environment passionate engineer who run, an internet magazine about ecology. This is his words:


“Our planet belongs to everyone.

We want a beatiful life on a clean planet for all people. At first glance it might be realistic.

Even a small contribution is higher than gold value, because it’s our future and our planet future. A wonderfully functioning still so sensitive system. Only man can bring balance in this system, an habitat for numerous species must not be destroyed by our actions.

People should help each other and the environment. they must act and think consciously, we must do it.

It’s time to begin a new conscious life to cause minimum damage to our environment!”


We believe in the same ideals so, welcome aboard Mr. Schecklein!

If you reside in Germany and want to know more about ATMO in your country contact:





Internet und Mediendienst – Alexander Schecklein -Grünmatten 27A – D-79219 Staufen im Breisgau

Mobil: +49 177 4508288 – Fax: +49 3222 378 1817 – E-Mail:

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